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Platform : PlayStation

Developer: Squaresoft

Publisher : Square/EA

Players : 1

Format : 2 CDs (1 game, 1 sampler)


Hints and Cheats

 Faqs and Walkthroughs



What happens when you mix Metal Gear Solid and Parasite Eve? One would say "A hideous mutation capable of killing vegetation and crippling mankind within a 10 mile radius!" But, this is not how it turns out, much to some people's dismay. I slowly walked into EBX, staring at the shelf of games, I eyed out Vagrant Story and after chatting with the store clerk, I found out some entreating tidbits, but nothing could hold me down when he mentioned that it was made by the FF Tactics team. I quickly showed the green paper and was on my way home to see what this game had to offer. I was caught in it's web quite quickly, and would never be unraveled for a long time.... 

AS the CD slowly spun inside my battered Playstation, already reaching the lifespan limits, I took time to gawk at the intro and take in what had just happened. Soon I was pulling off combos and whacking slimes. The music had that almost gothic feel, making the emotion of darkness that the game is supposed to be transmitting even more powerful. The Storyline quickly passed by, and yet never revealed too much at once, leaving me to destroy the next creature who stood in the wake of my curiosity. The graphics were a joy to behold, and I started to wonder, why Square? Why can't every game that you develop be like this? But the notion passed as I sought to tackle the next obstacle.

 If any game has a fashion statement, It's got to be the disturbing clothes the characters are wearing. Ashley for one, is wearing peek-a-boo pants that make you wonder, doesn't this guy feel a drift or something? Other clothes (cough cough Sidney) should be almost completely outlawed as they are indecent for the most. Heh, but that leaves more laughs for me.

Ah, the quirky Japanese/English names given to innovative things such as the battle system, called the "Risk Breaker System." It incorporates your attacks into risk, which determine how much effect everything has on you. If you have 100 risk and a boss whacks you, Ashley Riot is now Ashley Smear on the floor.

As I finish this review, please go buy the game. It's one of Square's finer games, and deserves all-out recognition. If you decide to purchase FF 8 instead, all gamers will raid your house and discredit you, you lousy gamer.

Score : 96%

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     - Serge