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Platform : PlayStation

Developer : Square

Publisher : Square EA

Players : 1

Format : 1 CD


Cheats and Hints

Faqs and Walkthroughs



Front Mission 3 is a strategy/action/rpg hybrid type of game. Some people say its kinda like Final Fantasy Tactics, well it probably is because it is from the same company, Squaresoft. It's turn based and it is played in a strategic screen. The battle is done by machines called Wanzers.

Wanzer (pronounced Vanzer) - Short for Wanderung Panzer or "mech". They are huge machines that can carry weapons and are mainly used for fighting wars.

The world is split into 3 different major world powers: the USN (United States of the New Continent) the unification of North and South Americas, the OCU (Oceana Community Union) the unification of the Pacific Asian countries including Japan, and the DHZ (People's republic of Da Han Zhong, AKA China). The story begins with a young man named Kazuki Takemura who is evaluating wanzers to see how they perform in battle. His friend Ryogo Kusama then visits him because he is delivering wanzers to the JDF (Japan Defense Force) base. He then asks you to go with him to deliver those wanzers. Depending if you go with him or not will decide which side of the story you will follow. Both storylines identical, but you will have different party members and different battles. The story is the same for both, an explosion in a JDF base was being covered up and was turned into a major deal. That explosion was caused by the failed testing of a copy of MIDAS. MIDAS is a new type of nuke that is non-hazardous to the environment (imagine a nuke that will leave to nuclear fallout, just clean destruction) there were 2 copies of the nuke, one was the test, the second was the real deal. The US and the DHZ (China) then go after the remaining explosive, so they may reproduce it and use it as a threat. You and your friends must stop the deliverance and the production of this bomb, or the world is in danger.

The game is played in a usual roleplaying type of environment, you and your team move around in cities and buy parts for your machines and talk to people. When engaged in battle, you go into a two-part battle system. The first system is the strategic map where your wanzers move in a system of squares. Depending on the wanzer's speed, more or less squares are visible for movement. Your wanzers have APs or action points on which to decide how much you move and attack. It takes AP to move and attack, whatever is left is for counterattacks. The second battle system is the "fighting scene". The fighting scene is where you see your wanzer and the enemy wanzer duke it out in 3D. When you attack an enemy wanzer, the game goes into fighting mode and you see how the attack take place and how much damage is dealt. The Wanzers are split up in 5 parts: L and R arms, legs (both legs are counted as 1), body, and pilot. When a part is damaged enough, it is unusable, and yes, the part does break off. When you bust a wanzer's arm off, the pieces fly off and what is left is a bunch of wires. When the body is destroyed, the wanzer is destroyed. The wanzer can also lose its pilot, when that happens, the wanzer is unpiloted and if it is kept in working condition, you can keep it after the battle. You can also hijack wanzers during the battle if you want to, but only if their pilots are dead or ejected.


Graphics and Sound
The game has nice 3D graphics. Most of the combat areas are fully rendered in 3D. The detail on the wanzers is also quite good. The game does sometimes slow down because of the amount of 3D in the area. There is a big difference in speed when you are battling in a confined area and when you are fighting in a huge open area with lots of buildings. Even with a few graphical slowdowns, the graphics are a very nice and stable.
The sounds are really nice too, you can almost feel the machine gun fire piercing the enemy wanzer's armor. The music is also pretty good, especially the victory sequence. The game sounds especially good when played with a decent sound system.

- Over 100 hours of gameplay (over 60 if played in a rush)
- Over 30 different wanzers to pilot.
- Over 40 weapons and items
- Around over 130 missions
- 2 different storylines
- Mech bashing 
- Clean 3D graphics