The Old Snes RPGs
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- Breath Of Fire 4

- Chrono Cross

- Final Fantasy VII

- Final Fantasy VIII

- Final Fantasy IX

- Final Fantasy Series

- Front Mission 3

- Hoshigami

- Legend Of Dragoon

- Legend Of Mana

- Lunar 2: Eternal Blue

- Star Ocean 2

- Thousand Arms

- Vagrant Story

- Valkyrie Profile


- Summoner

- Final Fantasy X


- CRPGs in General

- Baldur's Gate II

- Deus Ex

- Diablo II

- Dungeon Siege

- Icewind Dale

- Morrowind

- Planescape: Torment

- System Shock

- Ultima VII

- Wizardry 8


- Final Fantasy 6

- Final Fantasy 7

- Final Fantasy 8

- Final Fantasy 9

- Final Fantasy 10

- Dragonball Z RPG


- Chrono Trigger


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Remember the Days.....

Do you remember the days of the old school RPGs? I know I do because that was the time when all RPGs were just beginning.Nobody knew back then that all these RPGs were going to be million sellers in 3 or 4 years when they evolved.
Those RPGs were just the start of the dawn of the RPG era.Now all those old RPGs have evolved into 3D graphics and CG movies.But I can still remember when I played the first FF game for the Nintendo.This section will have information about the old school RPGs that we all think sucked because they weren't

Seiken Densetsu 3

Seiken Densetsu 3 or better known here in the U.S. Secret of Mana 2 was one of the biggest games for the Super Nintendo.It was about 48 megabits and the ROM was 6 megabytes,thats big because most of the RPG roms I have are only 2 or 3.This game was only released in Japan,but thanks to translators,I got to play a fully translated version.The story is about the power of Mana and the evils of the world that wish to attain it.Thats the main idea I can only tell you because the game features several endings depending on which characters you pick.

Breath Of Fire

Breath of Fire wasn't actually a Square game,but it was published by Square and its equally good.The game was from Capcom,but Square translated it and took it to the US.The game is about feuding Dragon families that want to destroy each other to rule the Dragon kingdom.Problem is,the other family is evil and the other is Light.The dragon families aren't actually dragons,they are people representing that dragon.The game is pretty good and the combat system is different.You can't find this in a store anymore,but Emulated versions there are plenty.