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Platform : PlayStation

Developer : Square

Publisher : Square

Players : 1

Format : 2 CDs


Cheats and Hints


Faqs and Walkthroughs




How to begin review a game of this magnitude, there's so much to see and to do, that's why I will keep this review short and understandable.

This game was the long, long awaited sequel to Chrono Trigger, one of the last and most famous RPG's to grace the Snes.

The game started out very slow and simple, but that was also so with the original, and never judge a game in the beginning ,especially if it's made by Squaresoft.
As soon as you done the first tasks, like collecting Komodo scales for the Hero's girlfriend, then it's where the story really starts to shine with many links to the original Chrono Trigger (I am not telling what, you've got to see for yourself).

This time the game is taking place in 2 worlds in 2 different dimensions, and there's so many to see and do that I need a whole book to write it down, not to mention all the different endings .So let's get one with the most important aspects of the game.

Story: I can't tell much about the story, just that it's another masterpiece from Square, and if you a big fan of the original, you certainly going to like this!
(I don't want to spoil anything), the cast of characters is very diverse and each has his own accent, the translation staff did a great job here! (Reminds me a bit of Suikoden)

Battle system: One of the most addictive battle systems I played yet, with each character that has an innate element, one of the 6 elemental types (yellow, red, green, blue, black and white) and the innate color of each member indicates which type of element they are strong (and weak) against. Some elements can only be used with characters with affinities of certain types, so decide good on which member in which battle you use. There are Summon elements also you can use, but these are the hardest to pull off.
Overall, this battle system is one of the best of it's kind.

Music: He did it again, Yasunori Mitsuda ,the composer from Chrono trigger and Xenogears has pulled off another masterpiece of music, if you do get the chance to buy the soundtrack, do it!! You'll love it! The only complaint I have is the bad placement of the music, some of the best tunes are only used once. One of my all time favorites is in here too, Radical Dreamers and Nikki's theme and also the girl who stole the stars are alone worth buying the CD.

Final score: 


Gameplay: 95%

Music: 95%

Graphics: 90%

Story: 95%



An all time classic that shows Square is still the master in the genre, all role-playing fans, buy this game!!

                                                                                                - Edgar