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Platform: PSX

Developer: Red Company

Publisher: Atlus Software

Players: 1

Format: 1 CD


Cheats and Hints


Faqs and Walkthroughs



This story revolves around Meis Triumph who flirts with almost
every woman he comes across. Born in a family of
a noble spirit [blacksmith], he has to train himself
hard to become a great blacksmith. The Triumph family
owns the land of Kant until the Dark Acolytes arrives
and take over all their every possession. Lost and
exhausted, Meis makes his way to the town of Boyzby
and the journey unfolds. You may think that Meis's
habit of womanizing will eventually get him into
trouble one day. Well, what do you think?


This isn't your typical RPG. This has a quite unique style and
interesting battle system.

---Battle System---
Okay three people on your team, but it is one on one. The enemy has the
frontline attacker and the other two are support. When the frontline
character falls the second one then becomes the attacker. Pretty simple?
Hard at first but easy when you get the hang of it.

Acquired by rising heart levels of girls, and imbuing them into weapons (see

---In Game---
Chibi when walking around, Typical RPG, walk around, find clues, meet
people. Only bad thing is that the encounter rate is through the roof!

Very well done! Fits the story with a cute but not stupid kind of music!

Okay, these graphics are anime cut and paste style. Not used successfully in
most games, but it is very well done in this one. Cinematics are used every
now and then, there are made in full action anime. Magnifique!

Voice Overs:
This is what mainly separates this game from all the other RPGs out on PSX.
This game has voices! AND the voice overs are very well done. It really gets
you into the game and in the mood. As a voice actress myself, I truly think
this was amazing!

Mini Games:

That's right boys! you can date the girls in this game. That's the only way
you can get stronger spells. From the perverted mind of Meis to your home
LOL. And don't worry this game is fun even if you are a girl.


---Photo Stickers---

He he, in a addition to the dating, another way to make that girl like you is
to take her to photo sticker stands. This was the fad in Japan at the time
and ATLUS the makers of Thousand arms are also the makers of widely popular
Photo sticker booths, so why not advertise it in a game? Tons of fun but
costs a lot of money in the game.

This game is a must get! Besides a few bad things, I would buy this game! I
sold it a while back and I've been scouring Ontario to find another copy!
once you get it, you wont want to part with it. Sadly it does get boring
after a while, but you can always come back to it!

Story: 7.5/10
Gameplay: 8.5/10
Music: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Seiyuu: 10/10
Overall: 9/10


                                                                                    - Rikku