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Platform : SNES, PSX

Developer : Square

Publisher : Square

Players : 1

Format : 1 Cart, 1 CD (PSX)


Chrono Trigger was the greatest RPG that was ever made for the SNES . It all begins when the young hero Crono in the year 1000 AD, who goes to the Millennium Fair . He finds a girl at the fair named Marle who joins him in his quest .Crono's friend Lucca (the inventor) creates a machine and Marle and  Crono get warped into the year 600 AD . And the story begins....

     This game had awesome graphics . The colors are bright and snazzy and which were eye-catching and it also had beautiful detailed backgrounds and characters .The artist who designed the characters was the great one , no not Wayne Gretzky, the anime artist and DBZ creator Akira Toriyama.The attacks looked great as well. Techniques like Luminaire filled the screen with a bright turquoise color light , are definitely worth seeing not to mention the other 70+ techniques in Chrono Trigger. Just pure awesomeness.

   The music in this game was awesome as well . I still hum the tunes when I'm in the shower! And very Medieval tunes.

  Another good feature in Chrono Trigger is that when you finished the game, it isn't over ! There are fourteen alternative endings depending on the choices you make while playing the game . And there is a New Game + feature which lets you use all the gold and all the weapons you had in the previous game to start a new game and let you use all the gold and weapons etc in a new game to get the alternative endings. Really cool.

     It also lets you use an attack called "Dual Techs" which are attacks that use two characters in the game to create a Dual attack which is stronger than a regular attack. For example , Crono and Frog can do an attack called the "X-Strike" which is really powerful and is really cool to watch. And there are "Triple techs" which use three characters to create a REALLY powerful attack. To earn these attacks , you have to get tech points when you win an enemy.

This is definitely worth 50 hours of your time. Excellent story ,excellent music , and excellent game play. It will be harder to find it now on the SNES, so now you can get it in Final Fantasy Chronicles which is FF4 and Chrono Trigger in a bundle. So go out there and get it !!!!

                                                                                                    - Victor Maxwell