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                            Final Fantasy Series Still Running Strong

The Final Fantasy series has been one of the longest running RPG series ever in the world. The Final Fantasy series have only been rivaled by a series of RPGs from another company, Enix. The Dragon Warrior/Quest Series were released earlier than the FF series and more popular at the time (around 1985, wow that's my birth year!), but when the FF series were released, they took away the spotlight from DW/Q. Since then, the FF series outshone the DW/Q series, but the Dragon Warrior games were very entertaining and hardcore RPGs. The FF series consists of 8 main series, there's way more than 8, but most of them were just spin-offs for the Gameboy to add more spice to the series. The 8 were the main "story-telling" games in the whole series. Although they don't continue their storylines, like many other SquareSoft games, they used almost the same spells and elements. I played most of the 8 games and I found them to be one of the best RPGs I've ever played. This series is going to be around for a long, long time. These games will make you experience the ride you will never, eeeveeer, forget.

Final Fantasy V (5)
Ah, Final Fantasy 5,one of the best games of the whole series. This one is not exactly the best of the best, but its good. This one never made it to the U.S., but Square has been working on the Final Fantasy Anthology which will include FF5 and FF6.If you can't until its released, E-mail me and I'll give you a 95% translated ROM for the Zsnes Emulator. This game's graphics aren't as good, but the game itself is a masterpiece.
The story starts out with a boy named Butz, that explores the world with his Chocobo. He later meets Lenna, the princess of the land Tycoon. They want to find out why all the Elemental Crystals are going crazy and why Lenna's father hasn't returned. This game features a very innovative Job Class System which makes you choose what your character is able and not able to do.


Final Fantasy VI (6)
1000 years ago, the world was devastated by the tragic war known as the War of the Magi. Today technology rules and the powers of magic are dying. Technology has found a way to replicate magic powers without having to be born with them. Unfortunately, technology is being led by a fanatic who hungers for the power of magic. With the recent discovery of an Esper near a mining town, the War of the Magi is about to repeat itself. This game I consider the best of the best. The storyline is amazing and the magic system works quite well. Many characters to choose from and a good introduction to all of the characters. The music in this game will mesmerize you,if you don't believe me listen to "Falcon", which should be playing right now, one of the many wonderful tracks in the game.If you want it E-mail me! If you're a great fan of the Final Fantasy games you got to get this, even if you're just a casual RPGer, this game isn't one you should miss. Its not easily found in stores, but emulation is the best way .The game is very engrossing and you should be playing for weeks on end.


Final Fantasy VII (7) is considered the best Final Fantasy game ever by many people. I also think that, but most of the things that made FF6 good were removed in FF7 like more equipment and some of the spells have been toned down. Final Fantasy 7 paved the way for new RpGs. Now almost all RpGs are trying to be like FF7,I guess you could say it started the Revolution of 3D RpG experiences. If you don't have this game, you should get it. The story is very good, it will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you laugh, and it will give you the experience of a lifetime.