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Welcome to the PC downloads page, here you will find several types of downloads, not just for PC games. This page will have game demos, patches, editors, and cheat tools. (These files were borrowed from the Adrenaline Vault.)

PC Game Demos

Final Fantasy VII Demo - This demo only lets you fight some battles in the battle arena and use some cool summons. Only some spells are available and Shiva and Hades can be summoned. (9.3 Megs)

Final Fantasy VIII Demo - This FF8 demo lets you run around Balamb Garden and fight a couple of monsters and cast a few spells. (66.9 Megs)

Fallout Demo - This demo lets you do anything in a small village where there are a lot of gang wars. You get to join a gang and kill the other gang. This demo lets you use the Minigun! (20.5 Megs)

System Shock 2 Demo - The demo lets you explore the first deck of the Von Braun which is the Engineering deck. You may only purchase a couple of cybernetic upgrades in this one. (37.38 Megs)

Silver Demo - I'm not sure what they let you do in this demo, I only know that its huge! (123.67 Megs)

The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall Demo - This demo only lets you explore the first dungeon and after you get out, its over. Pretty weak demo. (16.3 Megs)


Cheat Tools

For FF7

Final Fantasy 7 Character Editor - This character editor lets you edit almost anything about your characters, from experience points to what items they are carrying. I recommend this one. This editor edits your FF7 PC savegames only not Dexdrives.

Final Fantasy 7 Trainer - This trainer has 47+ options for you to use while playing.

Another FF7 Trainer - Here's another trainer for FF7, but I think it only has 2 options.

Final Fantasy 7 DexDrive (for PSX) - This dexdrive save has all summons, all spells, and all Enemy Skills.

For FF8

Final Fantasy VIII Save Utility - This utility lets you save anywhere in FF8 for the PC.

Final Fantasy 8 Character Editor - The same character editor from FF7, but it now edits FF8 characters.

Final Fantasy 8 Money Trainer - This trainer speaks for itself, it gives you money.

Another FF8 Trainer - Yet another FF8 trainer.

For Fallout (PC)

Fallout Character Editor - The same person who made the FF7 editor strikes again with a Fallout character editor.

Fallout Trainer - A simple Fallout trainer, download and see what it does.

For Fallout 2 (PC)

Fallout 2 Character Editor - Yes, its from the same person.

Fallout 2 Trainer - Fallout 2 trainer.

For Baldur's Gate (PC)

Baldur's Gate Character Editor - This one is actually from a different person, but does almost the same thing.

For Silver (PC)

Silver Trainer - A trainer for Silver.

For Daggerfall

Daggerfall Character Editor - This one is from a different person. This editor does a lot, but its a little complicated.


PC Game Patches

Final Fantasy VII Patch - This patch fixes some problems and adds support for nVidia's Riva cards (TNT, Riva 128, TNT2). I'm not sure if it works for TNT2 because I haven't tried yet.

Final Fantasy VIII Patch - This patch fixes various problems, check the page out for more info.

Fallout Patch - Fixes simple problems with Fallout.

Fallout 2 Patch - Fixes crashes and some minor problems

Baldur's Gate Patch - Check the page out for info.

System Shock 2 Patch - Implements improvements on weapon degradation and monster respawning.

Icewind Dale Patch v1.06 - More in-depth info about it here.