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The REACTOR Wants YOU!!! We will take anybody who wishes to join!

The Reactor currently needs new staff members to help us in our site. We are looking for 3 staff members to fill the following positions. Please remember that we want people who are serious about taking these jobs, we don't need one night stands here.

Assistant Webmaster - Since most of us go to school, we can't put updates online every single day or even twice a week sometimes. This spot is for someone with lots of free time and MUST be a pro with Frontpage 2000 or Dreamweaver. This job requires you to put updates online when we can't. Whoever wants to apply must prove that they are trustworthy and not out to cause trouble. A whole lot of credit is given for this, I mean, you are running a site here.

News Editor - We need somebody who can find us news on the gaming scene. Anyone who has the time to search for gaming news is wanted!  We currently only need someone who can find news (release dates, delays, etc) for PC, PS2, GC, and XBOX.

Reviewer/Writer - We need more people who can write good reviews and maybe previews on RPG games. Requirements are good grammar, has a good library of RPG games, and must like writing. People can also apply if they wish to write an editorial about issues regarding games.

Graphics/Or Suggestion - Anyone who likes to create graphics or just plain creative is needed. As for the 'suggestion' part, you can give me a Staff Position you want to fill that's not listed here.

We can't pay people money, but credit is given on your page and acknowledgements are made for your work. Its strictly for passion and show of skill. Knowledge about HTML not needed, but a plus if you do.

If you wish to be hired by the Reactor, send an e-mail to 


I, Leon, will take your 'resumes' and Inquiries should be made in this format:



Position you wish to fill:

E-mail address:

AIM or AOL Screename:

WE Look forward to working with you!