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                                                                   PC RPGs
               PC RPGs are also very good. Consoles aren't just the ones that hog all the glory of RPGs. That's why I have a PC and a PSX, to play both sides of the RPG gaming world. Although most PC RPGs require some sort of 3D Accelerator and it runs really slow on my old 300MHz (Not anymore now cause I have a 500Mhz PIII and a TNT2). That's why I got a Playstation, to play good console RPGs without having to worry about slow game play and ugly low-res graphics. Even so, there are some companies considerate enough to give us an RPG not only worth playing, but it can run on some people's slow systems. This page will feature some of my favorite PC RPGs. Only some cause I can't find pictures of the older ones.

Fallout  by Interplay and BioWare







              Fallout is one of the most enjoyable PC RPGs I've ever played for the PC. It takes place in a Nuclear devastated America. The people who were saved in deep underground Vaults are now sending someone to take a look at the world that was once theirs. The poor sap that had to re-discover the world happens to be you and you don't know what's out there. You have to rely on your skills, wits, knowledge, and your 10mm pistol. Even though the year is over 2000,the world seems more like the 50's so expect to see some old stuff. This game is actually very violent, your enemies die in different nasty manners. The combat system is turn-based, for example, if you see a guy that wants to kill you, the game stops and you take turns attacking each other. They have a good variety of weapons and quests. You can still find this in some stores, but if you know me, you can borrow it.



Baldur's Gate by Interplay, Bioware, TSR , and Black Isle Studios

baldur.jpg (9765 bytes)

               Baldur's Gate was made by Interplay, Bioware, Black Isle, and TSR, the makers of the popular Dungeons and Dragons games. This game is based on the Forgotten Realms universe and its very large. Spanning 5 whole CDs and a really large game world. The story begins as young warrior is setting to save the Sword Coast from the corruption of all the metals in the land. Some ugly demons are messing with the metal so the soldiers have no weapons to defend their castles, so they can take over. Combat is real-time and its based on D&D rules, which makes it harder just to slash and kill a small demon. This game is very good, I put a lot of time playing it and I enjoyed it. You should still be able to find it, it was the best selling RPG for the PC and it won a whole lot of awards. The interface is really simple, just point and click. You can command up to 6 characters in your party. This game has a large variety of cool spells and some cool weapons. Since this one was a success, they are making several new AD&D games for example, Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale, Baldur's Gate 2, and Pool Of Radiance. What's next, a new game based on the Savage Frontier? Or maybe Krynn... 



Daggerfall by Bethesda Softworks

daggerscreen.jpg (4266 bytes)Big Bear!

              Daggerfall is one of the best RPGs known to man. I wouldn't know myself because I haven't been able to get a copy of it (ugh), but thanks to Chris, my employer at Avault, I was able to get it!!! I was also able to find the prequel to this one. Its prequel was Elder Scrolls: Arena which was also a classic. Although the graphics aren't as good as Daggerfall, it still provided the same things that made Daggerfall the best. The story starts out with you sailing to the town of Daggerfall to investigate the so called ghost of the departed king of Daggerfall. Along the way you get caught in a storm, and are forced to make landfall and you stay in a cave. The rain causes a mudslide which seals you in, and you must find a way out. After that, the story just gets bigger and you must investigate more than just that ghost. The game world is very vast and it offers a whole lot of things to do than just run around killing monsters. The game has a lot of freedom, you don't even have to pursue the quest. Although if you do wish to follow the quest, you may often get lost because of all the things happening at the same time. There are plenty of things to do while you're in Daggerfall, join guilds, raid houses and stores, and become assassins. You can even buy your own house and boat!


Silver by Infogrames

            I don't really know much about Silver, all I know is that people call it the " A PC Gamer's Final Fantasy". I've seen some screenshots of it and it does seem similar to FF. The characters are rendered in 3D and the backgrounds are pre-rendered. The battle system is also similar. You should buy the game and see.

System Shock 2 by Looking Glass Productions (formerly Blue Sky Software)

sshock.jpg (11939 bytes) sscreen1.jpg (7271 bytes)  sscreen2.jpg (7207 bytes)        Here's some screens.


               System Shock 2 is an incredible 3D action/RPG for the PC that uses the Thief 3D engine. I haven't been able to fully enjoy this game because it requires hardware acceleration. (Now I can run it flawlessly!) It runs really slow on my old PC, but I've been able to play around with it. The game is about a soldier who finds himself stuck onboard a ship that was supposed to take him back home, but was overrun by machines and hybrids they call "annelids" that think for themselves. Fortunately, you have been cybernetically enhanced. You can use Psionic powers and have superhuman strength. Its up to you to regain the ship and get rid of the evil entity or entities. Or die onboard the Von Braun .This game features awesome 3D graphics and a very easy interface. It offers several weapons and items. The inventory system makes it easy to make yourself the ideal fighter. Unfortunately, Looking Glass Studios has been shut down and out of business because of money problems. Goodbye Looking Glass Studios, we'll miss you and the world of Thief. Luckily Irrational Games has the license to System Shock, so maybe they'll be more System Shock games.



                                                       That's ALL.....
This page isn't exactly done yet, I still have to get screens of the games here and find out more about them so watch for those updates.

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