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Platform : SNES

Developer : Vincent

Publisher : Bandai

Players : 1

Genre : RPG!

Format : Cart, ROM

Sorry, I haven't written anything up yet, but if you need help, here's a strategy guide written by one of our readers.

This fantastic walkthrough was written by Nick Gandee. If you want to use, it e-mail him, don't just rip it off.

Battle with Raditz

            After Gohan is kidnapped by Raditz, you immediately take control of Goku and Piccolo on Master Roshi's island.  Go inside and talk to Bulma, she will give you a dragonball radar,  talk to Krillon and he will give you a turtle card,  then talk to Roshi and he'll give you 40 points.  Leave the house and head west for a few seconds then go north.  You'll come to a white house with a grey top and just a white house, from there go to the east coast and follow it until you come up to mountains in between the mountains there is a white house, fight until your powered up to level 3 then enter the house. 

(TIP: If your low on health fly directly west and you will see an entrance into the mountain remember that for now but don't enter quite yet.  As you countinue you come to a house with a grey top that's a healing center and a brick house that's a  witch's hut you can by items there by all the kami you can.) 

Head back to the white house and as soon as you enter Mr. Popo will be surrounded by four gold saibaman, he will talk to you and immediately after you will enter a battle. 

            This battle is realatively easy if your at level 3. Just use all your ki attacks and watch your health carefully. (TIP: If Goku's health reaches 6 or below use a kami on him him and will automatticly reach his next level this will work only on saiyans.)

             After the battle you will be back inside the house with Mr.Popo he'll give you a Gohan card which comes in handy later.  Once he give you the card leave the house and head west towards the healing center and heal up, when your done go in the entrance in the mountain.  In here you will find yourself in a cave this cave is really easy to find your way out of just stay on the same path all the way through and pick up the goodies in side the capsule on the way of course.  At the end of the cave you will find Raditz or so you think, walk up to him and talk to him then the battle begins.  This battle is pretty easy just use a couple of ki attacks here and there and it's over in no time. (TIP: Leave at least one ki attack for the next battle.)  After the battle, heal if needed then go up and you will be outside.  Go up and there is the real Raditz, talk to him and the battle will begin.


Power Level - 1,200
Hp - 200
Ki - 32

            The instant this battle begins the first thing you do even before you attack, go to your items and use the Gohan card.  Then attack him.  (TIP:  Don't use your ki attack.  Any attack you do will not phase him any way possible.)  After your done attackin Raditz and he's done attacking you Gohan will headbutt Raditz and when the next combat round begins you will have a new option on your menu, it will say Sp.  Click on it and choose Goku and he says he will try and grab Raditz, then that option dissapears, then just normally attack with Piccolo.  Goku will grab Raditz and at the beginning of next Combat use your Ki card for Piccolo and do demon ray it will kill Raditz and Goku and the battle will be over.  (TIP: If you want, you can just keep attacking Goku and letting Raditz hurt him and when Goku's health goes 6 or under use a Kami and he will instantly gain a level do this repeatidly untill Goku is at least level 5.)  After this a scene comes up and Piccolo flys off with Gohan to train.


  Training with Piccolo 

            After the Scene you are in a cave as Gohan with Piccolo, talk to him and you start to fight.  This is hard if you don't have a Ki card but if you do use it and choose the Masenko attack.  If the attack hits it does a good amount of damage, and after that your just going to have to beat piccolo the old fashion way.  (TIP: If you die it's not game over just go down to a green pool and it heals you fully and try again.)


                                                          Training with King Kai

            After the training with Piccolo you will be brought to a scene with Goku on snake way. 

When he arrives at King Kai's go up and talk to him. You will begin your gravity training. The object is to beat Bubbles using certain numbers of cards.  (TIP:  This is very hard and frusterating and it takes patience, but here is a helpful hint the higher number of dragonball stars on the top left corner of the card the better.)  Each time you do this you will get a load of experience points. Keep talking to King Kai and healing over at his house occasionally you will get loads of experiance. Then eventually you will have to fight him.  This isn't really a very hard fight. Use decent attacks and maybe a Ki blast, his power level is only around 3,000, defeat him and then you will be wished back to earth by your friends.


                                        Battle with Nappa and Vegeta

            After the training with King Kai  it will take you back to being Piccolo and Gohan is with you.  You must find . . .







for the upcomig battle with the green saibamen and Nappa.  If you can't find them or you think your strong enough go to fight them they are located east next a huge @$$ mountain range.  Once you are there, if you didn't bother to find the other characters Nappa will slaughter them instantly and then he will say you are weak and make you fight 1 green saibamen which is patheticly easy to kill.  Then he will plant 5 five Saibamen wich is hard as hell.  All you need is a few ki attacks to hit here and a few favorite cards and you can come out victorious.  After you defeat the saibamen Nappa will engage in combat with you.  (TIP: Goku may come now to help you but it all depends on the gameplay.) 


Power Level - 5,000
Hp - 220
Ki - 68
            This battle is very easy if Goku came back just use the Kamehameha ki attack and Napa is gone, but if Goku didn't come back you are in a big @$$ predicument.  If Goku is not back i hope you have plenty of healing items because you're ganna need it.  Every turn make sure you attacked with all the characters or all the cards.  With patience and a lot of healing items Napa can be beaten without Goku.  After you beat Napa he will surprise attack you and kill Piccolo then after that Vegeta will kill Napa (for reasons I will not know) and then Goku will come back.  Him and Vegeta will start talking then fly off to a battle ground far away.

(TIP: Remeber which way they flew because it is very impotant for later.)



Power Level - 18,000

Hp - 240

Ki - 100

            This battle is hard!  If you have a Ki card left over this will make it easier, just use your Kaio Ken attackand Vegeta will be lots easier if you don't have one you are just going to have to wait for one and tough it out. Vegeta does a lot of friggin' damage to you if your not in Kaio Ken.  When you get a Ki attack card use it immediately and use the Kaio Ken attack if your not in it.  If you already are in Kaio Ken use the Kamehameha attack and do 70 - 100 damage.  After a few rounds (if Vegeta is not already defeated you will be Gohan with all the other and will say he has to help his dad.  That is why you needed to remeber where they flew to. If you manage to get there use the card with the tail and the moon on it and Gohan will turn into an ape.  If you can't get there just beat him with Goku. When Vegeta gets low enough on Hp he will get into his space pod and fly away.



            Once you've beaten Vegeta, Gohan and your remaining living characters will fly to Namek in search of the Dragonballs.  Once you land you will need to fly north of you until you see a village with a bunch of dead Namekians in front of it with his henchmen. Fly up to them and land and Gohan will rescue a little Namekian kid then you will enter a mini game where Dadoria chases you and you have to dodge them going up and down until the arrows get full and the mini game will end and you will be in controll of Gohan agian. 

            Once here you will need to go West and fallow the sore line  untill you come to an open place with trees then go north and search around in this area until you find a different village not the one frieza was at when you do land and go into the biggest house and search all the pots inside and you will find another Namekian kid.  Ignore what he says though you were already there.  Once you have the Namekian kid go all the way North East to the very corner of the map untill you come to a village with to Namekians standing in front of it.  Land and talk to them and they will give you a Dragonball and decide to help you to fight.  After you talk to them you will need to go South West way South West until you come to bunch of mountains and in the middle is a cave entrance go in if your ready.

            This cave is not too big but it's small enough not to get lost.  Just follow the path down and pick up the items on the way once you get into the end of the cave you will find a Dragonball.  Once you get it go brace your self for a hard boss battle. Go straight up and you will be out side again then Kui will appear in front of you and fight you for the Dragonball.



Power Level - 19,000

Hp - 220

Ki - 100

            This battle is unbeleavely hard!!!  Use your Vegeta card at the very begening of the battle, Vegeta will come and help fight you fight but you still have to worry about Kui killing Gohan so you don't get a game over.  Just leave it up to Vegeta to do all the damage so you don't have to do much, but if you do have a Ki attack card handy use Gohan's Masenko attack and blast Kui to hell!  After you kill Kui walk a few steps and it will say Bulma is in touble and needs help.  So fly back to your ship and land behind it and Dodaria will appear and blow up the ship up and you will fight him.  (TIP: Go to the healing center just  above you and heal your ganna' need it.)



Power Level - 22,000

Hp - 288

Ki - 120

            This battle isn't as hard as the Kui  fight since your higher leveled now but it is still really friggin' hard.  Some of your really weak characters won't be able to hurt him but still try.  Use all your Ki attacks and do some mean damage use all your strongest attack cards and use plenty of healing items and you will eventually beat him.  After the battle Bulma appears.


                                                Training as Goku

            After the Dodaria battle the scene switches to Goku nearing Namek and you get to train as him.  Go upstairs and and talk to the machine and select yes to start training, choose 20 times gravity to start with.  This is exactly like King Kai's planet.  Just have patience and use high star dragonball cards.  Do this repeatedly raising the gravity by 10 every time you start again.


                                      Training as Piccolo on King Kai's

            This is also just like training at King Kai's with Goku, do the same thing as in the past.    Then after the training you will have to verse Napa and Raditz.  This battle is patheticlly easy you don't even have to use Ki attacks just beat them like red headed step childeren.  After the battle you will become Gohan again.


                                               Namek (Again)

             Level up a bit if you need it and then go exploring. There is a Dragonball in the middle of a hill in the center of the map.  Head for the center of the map and pick it up, then head for the cave in the North part of the map (this is impossible to miss the entrance is located in a humungous mountain) make your way to the back of the cave collecting the treasure as you go. When the path splits go to the right to reach a fairie that will heal your Hp and Ki, and to the left you will find another fairie.  Speak to her and she'll tell you that you need to find the switches in another cave for her to open the path for you.

            Head for the cave on an island in the southwest corner of the map, where you will find the cave wich the switches that the fairie talked about.  You need to pull all the switches  (I believe there are five switches and you need to pull them in a certain order unfortuneatly I do not know that order.)  (TIP: You will know when you have pulled all the switch because when you pull one it will say nothing happened and that means you puled all of them.)  Head back to the fairie and talk to her again.  If you pulled all the switches then she will open a path for you, if you missed one then head back to that cave and find them all.  Head through and into another entrance near the bottom of the cave, where you will find 2 Namek warriors fighting each other.  Talk to them and you will join the fight.  After the battle Nail joins you.  His power level is 42,000 so now would be a good time to level up a bit because he can kill anyone.  At the end of the cave you will fight what looks like but is not Dadoria.  This time he is pathetically easy to defeat. After defeating him, head out of the cave and into the little house on top of a huge hill outside.  Talk to Guru there, and he will raise your fighters power levels by a little bit.  He will also present your characters with a Dragonball.  The two Namekian kids leave you and so does Nail.  Leave and make your way back to the cave, and then to the exit of the cave.  There Zarbon will appear and challenge you for the dragonball.



Power Level 1st form - 23,000

Power Level 2nd form - 32,000

Hp - 232

Ki - 160

            This battle is very easy beacuase Vegeta is very strong and does lots of damage use just regular attack cards with Vegeta and all your other characters.  After Zarbon gets low enough on Hp he will transform into his 2nd form.  This form might require at least one Ki attack or two to kill him but Vegeta will sometimes say he doesn't want to attack.  After the battle you will get a load of experience points, and Vegeta will join you, then head back to Bulma after you get there it will cut to a scene of five pods landing in front of Freiza's spaceship.


                                                 Training as Goku

            This is just like the last session of the training but move up to 50 times gravity.  Then go up 10 everytime you start to train again until you run out of days.


                                                    Ginyu Force

            After training with Goku you be Gohan again and you will be standing in a valley with 2 dragonballs in front of you.  Then Captain Ginyu will appear in front of you with the rest of the Ginyu Froce.  He will steal all the dragonballs and leave making you fight his henchmen.


Recoome                    Garudo                       Jeice                           Bata

Power Level - 65,000  Power Level - 13,500  Power Level - 64,000  Power Level - 62,500 

Hp - 364                     Hp - 296                     Hp - 322                      Hp- 305

Ki - 200                      Ki - 270                      Ki - 230                       Ki - 200

            Take care of Recoome first since he is more powerful and then Garudo and then easily kill Garudo.  Just use all your Ki attacks on Recoome and hope they all hit, then kill Garudo with your fist's.  After the battle you will be standing in front of Jeice and Bata.  Heal then go up and talk to them.  (TIP: Don't try to run away, they'll catch you and you'll still have to fight them.)  This battle is easier because you don't have to kill both just kill one of them and the other will fly off to warn Captain Ginyu of your amazing power.

            After the battle go to a item hut and sell all your useless items and buy as many healing items as you can.  Then fly to the north east most corner of Namek and Captain Ginyu will appear.  That instant Goku will land on Namek and fly off to help Gohan.  Goku will get there and Captain Ginyu will challenge him to a one on one with no items. 


Captain Ginyu

Power Level - 120,000

Hp - 396

Ki - 300


            This battle is easy just use the Kaio Ken attack and beat the crap out of him.  When you get him low enough on Hp he will switch bodies with Goku, then you will fight him with all your other characters.  Go for Captain Ginyu first use all of your Ki attacks on him and use a couple of favorites here and there to attack both of them then kill Jeice.  Beware of Captain Ginyu's body switch attack because it will screw you over and make the battle harder, but it's still possible to win. 


   Back to the Quest for the Dragonballs

            After you come out victourious Goku will be placed in healing tank.  Then your mission is to find the dragonballs, head north to a cave just north of where you are.  Go in and find Frieza with the Dragonballs behind him, this isn't really Frieza it's just a shapeshifting Saibamen and he is very very very easy.  Just pummle him and get the dragonballs back and exit the cave.  After you exit Gohan and the others try to make the wishes but don't know the password so Gohan goes and gets Dende.  After that the scene will cut to Guru talking to Nail.  After that Nail has to fight Frieza and you are Nail. In this battle you are ment to loose, no matter what you do Frieza is still going to kick your @$$!  After that it goes to a scene where Gohan and Dende go to an island and wish back Piccolo then wish him to Namek, after making the wishes the dragonballs turn to stone.


                                             The battle with Frieza

            You now must find Frieza, he is at Guru's house but this time there is a hole in the mountain so you don't have to go through the cave.  (TIP:  Make sure you have a crap load of healing items and King Kai cards befor you fight Frieza.)  Go up to Frieza and you will fight him.  Frieza's power level, hp and ki are unknow but it still doesn't matter.  He has attacks that do 150 - 200 damage and can kill any low level character in one blow.  He can be defeated but it's extremely * % # @ & $ ^  hard!  Just use Vegeta's Galik Ho attack and Gohan's Masenko attack and make sure they hit.  If they don't your screwed, unless you have more then one. 

            After a couple of rounds you become Piccolo.  You are a long ways away from Guru's.  It's easy to find though just go west all the way to the other side of Namek and go up and there it is.  Go up to Nail's body laying on the ground and talk to him.  Piccolo will fuse with Nail and become very powerful.

             After you get Frieza's Hp cut into half he will transform.  After one round of battle Piccolo will automaticaly join the fight his power level is over 1,000,000 and he is very extremely strong.  Just use Piccolo's screw beam attack for around 70 -100 damage, and attack normally with Piccolo to do lots of damage.  After Frieza's Hp is low enough he will retreat.  After Frieza leaves go to the village where you first found those two Namekian's and talk to them and they will fuse with Piccolo making his power level double.  Then Dende asks if he can fuse with you, say no because you are going to need his healing power later. 

            You will find Frieza south of the village you are in, go there and he is surrounded by his goons and you have to battle them.  These goons are very easy and there is no compotiton in these battles just pummle and move on to Frieza but he will fly away.  So just fly inside of the mountain and every 2-3 wild battles Frieza will appear fight him and after a couple rounds he will run again. Do this repeatidly until he calls you to an island in the southeast you automaticaly follow him.  There you will fight Frieza after you beat him he will transform into his last form.       The scene will switch to Goku getting out of the healingtank then he will power up and it will raise his power level.  After that fly to the island Gohan is on with Frieza and prepare for the last battle of the game.

                                                    Super Saiyan

            Once you enter battle use your Kaio Ken attack and attack Frieza.  (TIP:  Let one of your characters get killed by Frieza like Krillian or Gohan and in rage Goku will go Super Saiyan and will get a power level 4,999,999 and you then could easily defeat Frieza.)  Once you go Super Saiyan all it takes is Goku's Kamehameha attack wich will do a good 200 damage to Frieza then just beat him senseless and eventually he will die but if you are having trouble going Super Saiyan just do as best as you can without it either way after Frieza dies the game will be over.



             Thank you's      

 I would like to thank the webmaster for being so generous to let me post my walkthrough on his site.

  I would also like to thank my friend Steven for introducing me to this game.