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Platform: PlayStation2

Developer: Square

Publisher: Square

Format: 1 DVD

Players: 1


Cheats and Hints


Second Review


Strategy Guides


Well square has done it again! Who knew that they could make another Final
Fantasy game? And it wasn't disappointing! SO what is the basic storyline of
this new final fantasy game. The main character [Tidas] is the star player
of the Zanardkand Abes [Blitzball] but their championship game was stopped by
a mysterious big blobby thing that sucks up water (later identified as sin).
Tidus is then sucked into a weird and extremely underdeveloped world called
Spira. He wants to desperately try to find his home and go back to Zanarkand
anyway he can. Don't want to give away too much though >.O


What begins as a boring typical Square plot slowly and amazingly turns into
an amazing edge of your seat thriller! The story just blows you away with
twists and turns that will keep you playing for hours! Although the story is
somewhat predictable, it has an ending you would never expect!

Square brings us a new and improved RPG system! I will separate it into 2

->Battle system:
This is the most interesting change (to me at least).


No leveling up! WHOA! well there still is leveling up and changes, yet, you
can control how your character is and goes! unlike the previous FF games,
this new [Sphere Grid] can truly make your own character, Stats are chosen
by you to increase so you can fine tune your characters! Also the main
character [Tidus] doesn't always have to be in your group! you can make
whichever three characters your toughest! (in my case it was Auron, Rikku,
and Yuna) And it is SO HARD to max out your characters!!!! there has to be
over 200 spaces for increased stats! something that will keep you busy! Now
if you successfully complete the grid and have the right equipment [break hp
limit] [break mp limit] [break damage limit] you will have an unstoppable
godlike character! [hp 99999] [mp 9999] [dmg 99999] whoa!

most people get angry that FFX has used a turn system and gotten rid of the
ATB. But they are wrong! The battle timer is quite unique it isn't your
typical ATB timer that causes you to watch the battle continuously and if you
drop the controller you get hit because the enemy chose before you. AND it
isn't the POKeMON style turn turn game. Basically it works like this:
depending on your stats you can either hit or be hit. The faster you are
statistically, the quicker your turn comes. Depending on your attack your
turn will be sooner or later. I know its kind of confusing reading it BUT if
you play the game you will understand me.

---Switching Parties---
No switching at save points needed! Everyone travels together and you can
switch whichever character in during anytime of the battle!

->Overworld Map
The only things that really changed is that instead of walking in circles
for hours, there is now an [Overhead Map] that tells you where to go. (thank

Typical square music that doesn't let you down! My fave track -> [Suteki Da
Ne] (Wonderful isn't it?) Which hasn't been translated into English.

Graphics/CG Cinematics:
OMG! If you thought square outdid themselves in FFVIII think again! The in
game graphics are amazing but the Cinematics are even better!!!! Instead of
the painted on faces and outrageous gestures, there are real time facial
expressions and real gestures that people would do in their situations!

Seiyuu(Voice Overs):
I will break this up in each character:
Tidus: Sounds like a kid in puberty (which he is) nothing further
Teidasu(jap): Perfect
Yuna: Sort of has a raspy voice that belongs somewhere on the Moulin Rouge
but a good actress and doesn't speak in contractions
Yuna(jap): Perfect, it almost makes me cry...
Auron: The voice fits perfectly with his personality! sounds his age and can
make a situation serious.
Aron (jap): OMG he is soooooo dreamy! WHOO! his voice is so deep and
beautiful *drool* which doesn't fit his character...but who cares with a voice
like that !
Rikku: If Yuffie had a voice...this would be it! its is sooooo perfect!
Ryuku(jap): Sounds like an anime high on helium >.<
Lulu: HEHEHE my personal favorite voice. Fits her persona and sounds like
the evil chick in movies
RuRu (jap): same as above
Kimahri: Doesn't talk much, but sounds good
Kimari(jap): Sounds Good
Wakka: Sounds like a Jamaican and sounds good! it adds to his laid back
wakka: never heard it...

A good game!! I couldn't stop playing it! it was so much fun, although it is
shorter than the typical FF game, there is enough side quests to keep you
busy for a long time! I recommend it!

Story: 8.5/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Music: 9/10
Graphics: 9.5/10
Seiyuu: 9.5/10
Overall: 9.5/10


                                                                        - Rikku (Akari)