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Platform : PlayStation, PC

Developer : Square

Publisher : Square

Players : 1

Format : 4 CDs


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World Map


What is Final Fantasy 8? Well most of you should probably already know, right? Well, for those who don't, this is what this page is for. FF8 is an RPG based on the Final Fantasy series which started around the mid 1980s and beyond. FF8 is an RPG as you may have figured out already, but a different type of RPG. Its not based on certain rules like AD&D. Its an RPG about love and hate. The story is about a sorceress and an organization called Seed. Seed is a kind of military division training young people to fight the sorceress sometime in the future. Squall, who is the main character is a Seed who just recently graduated, but was just injured by Seifer, a rival.

Squall is then sent to missions to graduate. After he graduated, he is then sent off to fight the sorceress. That's mostly the story of the game.

          Now to how the game plays. The game plays like any console RPG, you walk around, get attacked, level up, get spells, etc. When you are engaged in a battle, the battle screen comes up and 3 people in your current party fights the enemy. The combat is decided on an ATB, or active time battle. Each character has a time bar that fills up and when it does, they can enter a command. The higher the speed of the character, the faster the bar fills up.

          The Magic system works like the previous FF games. But the "summon" commands are a bit different. In the game there are creatures called Guardian Forces or GFs. These are creatures who have immense power and are yours to control. Some GFs can be found and some must be defeated in battle. They can be summoned anytime in a battle, but they have life meters and they can be knocked out if they take enough damage. They level up and get more powerful depending on how much you use them. Gaining spells in this game is very different. A character must "draw" meaning get, magic from a monster. You can draw an infinite amount of magic from a monster, as long as it lives. There's no mana or mp in the game, you can cast spells as long as you have enough stocked from drawing from monsters.

The Limit Break system is also different from FF7. In FF8 you can only perform Limit Breaks when you are low on health, around the yellows. A Limit Break is a desperation maneuver which does massive damage. Each character has a different Limit Break. I thought the Limit Break System in this game was a bad idea, but it's actually better. You can perform the Limit Break ANYTIME you are in the yellows. In FF7 you can only do a Limit Break when you have taken enough damage. I found the Bosses here very easy to beat because I always keep 2 party members in the yellows and one in good condition.