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Front Mission 3 Review

Genre: Turnbased RPG/Strategy


First things first: it's been a long wait, but finally a Front Mission game has been released in America and Europe, so what's Front Mission 3? It's basically a turn-based strategy/RPG much in the sense like Final Fantasy Tactics or Vandal Hearts, but the big difference that it's not about Fantasy or with manga-characters, the action takes place in Mechs (big robots like you maybe have seen in the Mechwarrior series or in various animé-series like Gundam. The second difference with games from this genre is the adult storyline, a really grown-up story, with life-like characters, and as you expect from Square, the plot is very good with lot of twists and turns.

Gameplay: Very good, the difficulty level is very well balanced, if you're good equipped you will rarely lose battles, on the other side, earning platinum medals during the missions is not easy, except for the beginning.

Story: Like I said before, this is Square, you know what to expect.

Music/Sound effects: The sound effects are pretty basic, but they do their job, and the music fits the game perfectly, I especially liked the music after the winning a battle, of course that's a matter of personal opinion.

Lifespan (replayability): It will take some time to get through, 30-60 hours for one storyline, depends on your experience with such games, there are 2 different storylines to play (Emma's and Alisa's scenario) so you really need to play the game twice if you want to master it.

Conclusion: If you're a fan of this genre ,buying is the only thing I recommend, others will probably rent it first.

+adult story


+2 different stories to play through


-not everyone's taste

-graphics a little outdated (in close-up lot of pixellation).


                                                                                     - By Edgar