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Final Fantasy X Hints


Airship Codes:

Once you enter these, you can select the new area from the list (it will even
show up with a little box that says ‘NEW’.

Then there are the coordinates. You can freely move the cursor around the map.
On the left X,Y,Z coordinates are shown. Z is just elevation and is
unimportant. So here are some X,Y locations to use. Just press the O button to
search these spots and the new location will appear in your List menu.

X-74 Y-36 = Omega Ruins
X-15 Y41 =  Sanubia Sand Dune
X-16 Y-57 = Ebon Temple (Anima)
X-31 Y-73 = Bisaido Rainbow Waterfall
X-34 Y-58 = Mihen Abovewater Ruins
X-42 Y-57 = Kinokoiwa Battle Ruins

Tidus and the Women of FFX
There are a few parts of the game that vary depending on which female
character you have battled with the most and healed often. First is the scene
where you ride the snowmobile. I got a scene with Lulu where we talked about
Chap. Others have gotten to ride with Rikku and she kisses Tidas on the cheek.
I’m sure there is a scene with Yuna too, but have not heard about what happens

Another thing that changes depending on which girl you use the most is
Tidas final overdrive. The girl that throws the ball to Tidas is the girl
you’ve used the most.


Music and Movie Players
In Luca there is a theater where you can playback music and video from the
game. Any music you have heard already, and any videos you have seen can be
replayed as often as you like. Dolby 5.1 can even be turned on if you support
it and have an optical cable attached to your system. To view the movies, you
must first purchase video spheres for the movies from the short guy on the
right, inside the theater. For music it’s the guy on the left next to him.
After you buy the items just go to the counter to go to the auditorium area and
playback to your hearts’ content. Note that you can view all of the video in
the game with the exception of the ending. To unlock all 50 of the videos, wait
till after you finish all of the fights against Sin. Then return to the Luca

Jecht Shot
The Jecht Shoot is Tidus' Father’s signature move in Blitzball. You learn it
on the boat journey to Luca. The move is learned in a basic “whack a mole”
fashion. I learned it pretty fast by using the smash the buttons a whole lot
technique and got it on my third try. During the normal storyline, you only get
one shot at learning the move. If you failed to get the move, return to the
boat with your airship by visiting the second village (the one with Huts and
docks) Get on the boat to the south and choose the second option (Luca) Now go
to the deck of the ship. Press the O button on the Blitzball and keep at it
till you get it. The move makes winning Blitzball games a lot easier. There is
also a Jecht Shoot 2 that you can win as a prize in the Blitzball tournaments,
but you must have earned all 3 of Tidus Key Abilities listed on his data page.
The Jecht Shoot 2 hit’s 3 people and then turns the ball invisible before
shooting to the goal. There could possibly be a Jecht Shoot Mark 1, but
personally I needed a break from Blitzball, so I’ll get back to this sometime.


Exceed Max HP
A lot harder to earn, this ability is equipped in your armor and allows you to
have more than 9,999 HP. It is very hard to raise your HP very far past 9,999
though, even if you use the additional abilities of HP +30% and the like. To
gain the Exceed Max HP ability you need 30 Wings of Heaven. The only method I
know of to gain these items is by using the Wairu (Bribe) command. If you bribe
the Maruboru in Nagi Plains/Calm Lands and pay the amount 540,000 he will leave
behind 2 to 4 Wings of Heaven. Very expensive, but well worth it when you want
to beat the special battles. You also get 30 of them for capturing 10 of every
enemy for one area of the game.

Exceed Max Damage
With this ability equipped on your weapon you can hit for a max of 99,999
instead of only 9,999. You need 60 Dark Matter. You can win these from many of
the special battle fights at the Monster Trainer. When you equip this ability
on a weapon, the name of the weapon changes as well.