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Wizardry VIII Cheats



Usage: To use these cheats, you must download the enabler here. Then, once you are in the game, Hold down the corresponding button (ALT, CTRL, etc) and press the letter or button that activates the cheat you want. For example, hold down ALT and press G to enable God Mode.

No Key:
Insert/Delete - On Character/Inventory Screen change characters Race
F1 - on character level up screen. Adds bonus points/Spell 
Selections/Ability Points

1-9 - Pressing this will fire off a different spell at the character (Energy Blast, Acid Splash, Terror, etc...)
Backspace - Says developer mode disabled?
E - Brings up the edit screen. Described in own section below.
G - God Mode On/Off
L - Level jump
O - Kill all attacking monsters (in combat)
N - Wireframe drawing mode on/off
P - Time Played (in seconds/ticks? don't know what this is in) and Time of Day are displayed.
U - Selected Character becomes unconcious/concious this should work on 
monsters too.
Y - Selected monster takes damage (usually around 1-6 or so HP) if no 
monster selected whole party takes dam.
R - Generating Monster Size report... usually takes a 1-2 minutes then kills the game with an error.
A - Blue / Green Screen if you wait long enough it will finish and give you a message saying linking done in XX seconds?
S - Select Script for monster highlighted?
F - Debug auto-backfiring on/off toggle? I guess this makes all spells 
backfire no matter what haven't tested this.
H - Test spell anims negative/positive effect?
J - Displays message "Failed to save level status".
M - Change Monster/NPC I think this works on all monsters/NPC of the same kind like all Umpani/T'Rang (status Neutral, Hostile, Friendly)
B - Same as A above. Blue / Green Screen if you wait long enough it will finish and give you a message saying linking done in XX seconds?
C - Don't press this will just keep going through all the different level load screens.
F9 - Toggle Play Intro on Load On/Off
F10 - Demo Version On/Off Toggle
- on numpad - Deleting Waypoint?
+ on numpad - Displays message "Write all waypoints to .wpt file enter to confirm. ESC to cancel"

G - No Clipping
H - Spell Effect on Characters Faces no effect.
K - Kill Highlighted monster.
L - Walking Around - Load Game (don't know if this is enabled by the trainer 
or not)
L - Character Screen - Level up character but allows you to distribute 
points instead of just adding level.
M - Give Character all spells even if not a mage.
S - Give Character all skills no matter what class. Follow with Alt-L and 
skills will be maxed out.
[,] - Changes the text display speed in the game [ is down and ] is up.
<,> - Changes battle speed. < is down > is up. Really helpful when the 
battle is with gobs of monsters and is going to slow really makes things 
C - Show combat changes? (I believe this displays the chance your character 
has to hit the creature targeted in battle)
/ - Changes the cursor to staff cursor in battle used after Control + y in 
battle. Read below
= - Change music playing. Should be able to throw your own .mp3 files in the 
same directory with the background music and use this menu to start playing 
- - Export characters to file
O - View cone culling enable/disable?
I - Walking Around - Lists all monsters / items in the level you are 
currently in. You have to scroll way back up in the display window to see 
them all though.
I - Character Screen I believe this puts one of every item in your parties 
inventory. Will make your characters very loaded down.
U - Kill/Revive highlighted character.
Y - Walking Around - Displays bug reversed / Screen turns red and the more 
you press it the thicker the text gets then it eventually dissappears.
Y - Combat will say Use 3D Cursor. Press the / key and you will get the 
staff cursor. Click the mouse to make particle explosions. Doesn't do 
E - Generated encounters restocked? Maybe regenerates monsters..
A - Real Time Monster AI On/Off
S - Save Game (don't know if this is trainer or not)
D - Turncoat selected monster (very nice if you want some of the monsters on 
your side in a battle)
J - Displays Message when Monster / NPC highlighted says link groups select 
following group and hit Alt - J. Might be able to group monsters together 
with this by selecting a monster with this
key and then selecting another monster for it to follow with the Alt-J 
keypress. Everytime I do it it says Error Saving Level Data or some such.
- on numpad - If you let one of the blue/green screens finish this will say 
deleting links if not it will say no links!
F12 - Goes into windowed play mode (works pretty good on my system)
F11 - Brighten Lights?
F10 - Toggle through different displays of Frames Per Second and other 
stuff that I don't know about.
F9 - I think this displays the speed of change of the mouse pointer or 
F8 - Full Screen Removes all HUD objects no radar/chars/menu bar
1 - Shows hit change and sometimes hurts monster selected
2-9 - different spell effects on monster highlighted similar to the ALT and 
Control + Alt versions.

O - Remove all textures and toggle between different colors where the 
textures were.
/ - on Character screens says "Secondary hand holds 3"?

Control + Shift:
5 - Everyone in party Goes Insane.
4 - Displays message "Quote Test complete see log"
3 - Selected Character laughs/cackles
1 - SUPER-Rest everyone healed fully, Stamina Full, MP full
` - Displays "Pathing params read successfully"
Y - Displays a Menu and lets you select a spell? Haven't figured this one 
out yet.
D - Crashes the system
G - Toggle Waypoint / Pathnode / Regular display modes (Puts up wierd 3d 
objects on the screen that represent waypoints? and Pathnodes for 
NPCs/Monsters I guess)
J - Crash
L - Level Gain but displays (cheater) next to it.
M- NPC Debug Mode On/Off?
N - NPC Fact File Created?

Alt + Shift:
Y - Select Animation Type. Brings up a menu and lets you select between 
animation types?

Control + Alt:
1-9 Same as the ones with just alt but not against your character (looks 
like party is firing them) and does no damage.
G - Remove textures and makes everything run REAL slow.