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Ultima 7 Cheats and Hints

These cheats were gathered from Iolo's Lute, a great Ultima 7 page.

Serpents Hold Treasure

First, go to the coordinates (53E, 165S) and enter the Serpents Hold. In the pub here, open the fish (the only one looking up) for a key. Fly to (177S, 36E) on the magic carpet and land (it is possible), and go into the cave. Go to the right and around all the water to get to the Locked Chest, which opens with the key we found in the fish. Take the key inside and go back to Serpents Hold. Now using that key you can open the door to all those magical weapons! Enjoy!

Hoe of Destruction

The Hoe of Destruction is locked in Farmer Mack's shed in Cove. Unfortunately, he lost the key to that shed while fishing on Locke Lake. Go east to the lake and check all the fishs' bodies for the key (2N, 48E). The fish is under a piece of debris, and pretty difficult to find. Once you get it, you can open his shed and get the Hoe. (22S, 25E).

Chuckles: "The Game"

Anyone can play The Game! Find Chuckles in Lord British's castle (usually right in the entrance of the castle. He's a joker, not hard to miss him.), and talk to him. The trick of The Game is to speak with words that only have ONE SYLLABLE, such as "I know the game" and "That would be big of thee". Once you win, Chuckles' will give you a scroll that will help you a lot in your quest to save Britannia.

Free Experience

Talk to the two pirate friends in Buccanneer's Den and make them friends to get 10 exp. There is no limit to the amount of times you can do this, and if you want more information on how to do it, click here


Teleport to 209, 407, 0 (hex coordinates) and you should be in a room. Lord British may appear and totally flip out on you. He might even attack you.

The Blacksmith's Shop in Trinsic

Stack all of the crates inside the blacksmith's house to form a 'ladder' to the roof of the building. The house is in the southwest corner of the town and have lots of crates inside. Walk up the crates and then walk behind the chimney. Enjoy all of the goodies.

Isle of Fire's Secret Chamber

On the Isle of Fire in the Test of Love, at the Stone of Castambre, right next to the Stone is a lever. Flick the lever to open a passage in the previous dungeon to a room with nine Glass Swords, a Death Scythe, and a Firedoom Staff.

Lord British's Secret and How to Kill Him

Lord British is hiding a secret. He's having an affair with the chambermaid of the castle. The only way to get evidence of this, is to kill Lord British, and read the Will on his body. He can be killed very few ways. One is to use the Demon Sword on him. Another is to use a Cannon on him, and the third is to cheat him dead. Lastly, everyday around noon exactly, he stands underneath the sign "Lord British's Throne Room" double click the sign, and it will behead the king.

House of the Dead

Where do people go when they die? Well everyone must go somewhere. There is only one way to get to this place is to use the Debug Menu Teleport. It is located at 5a8,508,0. However, it's empty around the start of the game. So, say you kill someone, and then you teleport here, you will find them here lying down. So what is left back in the real world? Their corpse is considered an item, not an NPC, and all NPC's have to be somewhere in the world, so they are stuffed here. Resurrecting them will destroy the corpse-item and bring them back.


Cheat Downloads

Ultima 7 In Windows - Want to run Ultima 7, but you don't have DOS, or you don't know how to boot correctly?  Go here and download a program that will let you run Ultima 7 in Windows! No joke, I've tried it, and the only problems I have are a few lock-ups.

Ultima 7 Cheat Enabler - This program will allow you to use the cheat keys in Ultima 7. The instructions are in the Zip file and it will help you through the program.