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                             Summoner Hints

Hidden FMV sequence:
Select the "Credits" option from the main menu, then press X while the credits are being displayed.

Easy Money:
In Summoner, it is very hard to accumulate a good amount of Gold. The enemies leave meager gold for you to use and items in the game are also very expensive. Fortunately, there is a sure-fire way to get a fat wad of gold. First, you must go into the sewers (In Lenele) and find the exit to the Old City part of Lenele. The exit is located where there are 3 golems and 3 switches. After a few quests, a man will appear next to the exit (the one in the Old City). He will buy Bacite tails for 50 gold each. To get Bacite tails, just run around outside the city until you encounter them. When you do encounter them, there are usually around 20 or more bacites! Kill them all and give the tails to the man. 50x20 = big profits!

More easy money:
In the area around Lenele, you might find an encounter with red imps, that sometimes drop garnets. These are worth about 8,500. Also, in the snow mountains near Lenele, you might find Khosani Heretics. They sometimes drop katats, whish are worth about 4,500. Combine this two with the bacite tail trick to get LOTS of cash.

Helpful Healing:
In Summoner you have trouble casting spells while someone is attacking. This will allow you to heal easy. When being attacked cast HEAL...The instant you see the character's hands glow press Triangle. It will put you into the inventory screen and you will hear the spell go off in the background. Then just select a healing draught or something like that and that will heal you the instant you leave inventory. So you just healed TWICE for going into your inventory. This also works for other spells such as fire arrow and etc.

Easy Level Ups:
One sure way to level your characters up is to go to the mountains north of Lenele (the hilly area with snow). There is an encounter there that has a monster called a Red Oni. Killing this creature will give you over 3,000 XP, enough to level you up until LV.50!

Ghimaadi Shard Locations:
Here are the locations for the Glass Shards that Varyssa wants you to find. Hint: What she gives you for finding these is well worth it.

Green Glass Shard:
In the Lenele Sewers, in the deep in first hall to the left in an alcove.
Red Glass Shard:
In the Iona Catacombs in the area where there is a large flight of stairs, it is near the Pillar.
Blue Glass Shard:
In Lenele in the Temple Of Urath, it is in one of the stair halls.