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Star Ocean 2 Hints and stuff

Welcome to the Star Ocean Hints page here you'll find hints made by myself and some submitted by other people. Also some faqs and such.

Various Hints

Extra difficulty levels:
Complete over 45% of the voice collection. Then a phrase will appear on the button in the right corner of the screen. Press this button to restart the game. Now new difficulty levels, including "Universal" will be selectable. Monsters will have double the HP and attack power under the "Universal" level.

Hidden Dungeon Tips:
The Hidden dungeon is tough and interesting at the same time. There a various enemies here that have a word in front of their name that are very tough...however, there are weapons [normally useless] that have that same word that will kill the enemy with one hit. Example: Lvl.99 Funny Thief...pretty tough, Lvl.99 Funny Thief when someone has the Funny hit kill. On the sixth level, there will be a man who occasionally appears in the statue room. He sells very rare stuff, including all the rare metals, the real tri-emblem [not the fake "emplem"], and items that can teleport you out of the dungeon...for you see, there are no save points, so if you are on level 13 of the dungeon and die, your screwed, so you must leave to save on occasion, and when you re-enter there will be methods of going down quickly, such as a trap door. The dungeon also contains very powerful equipment, including [but not limited to] The Levantine Sword, Ashton's ultimate attack, Leon's ultimate attack, Celine's ultimate attack, the angel armband, several pair of bunny shoes, and the valiant armor. As far as monsters go, from around level 3 onward, you may run into boss class monsters as normal can even run into the last boss of the dungeon as a normal enemy, so be careful.

Hidden Dungeon:
Save in front of the last boss, and leave the final dungeon. Proceed to fun city and talk to the old man in the back area of the coliseum. Say yes to all his questions, and you'll be transported back to expel, in Arlia. You'll notice two important things that are different: 1.There is a penguin walking around where you appear, talk to him and call him silly, he'll kick you back to Nede. 2. When you leave, there will be Synard waiting for you. Hop on it and head to the area you couldn't access without it, the dungeon should be glowing with a red dot. Land and enter. The special dungeon is very tough, much harder than the regular last fact, you'll start out fighting harder enemies than you saw in the normal last dungeon on the very first floor.

Priest's Password:
In the demon's den there is a glass priest who asks you for the special word necessary to get the cardkey. The password is "APOCA".

Easy Skill Level Gain:
For an easy way to level up skills, you need to level up the perseverance skill to level 10. After you do this, leveling up the other skills will be much easier. For example making it where you can level up most skills with just one Skill Point.

Easy Money:
When you get your Super Specialty Skill "Master Chef" up to level 6 or higher, go to a store that sells fruits, vegetables, and egg/dairy products. But 20 of each, then go to Super Specialty Skills and choose "Master Chef" in the item screen, then pick 1 fruit and 1 dairy. Every other try or so (depending on your skill level) you should create "Coconut Milk" which sells for over 1000 Fol a piece!! You can also take 2 vegetables and make "Fried Vegetables" which sells for over 2000 Fol a piece!

Keep creating the food until you run out of ingredients then go sell everything you created, buy more ingredients and do it again until you have the desired amount of money you want.

Easy Level Up:
Use Reverse Side to make a forged medal, and then duplicate it as many times as you want to with Reproduction. The forged medals bring a character to 1 point under a level up. Equipping the Dream Bracelet levels you up twice as opposed to once.

Rip Off Santa:
Here is a simple cheat that will help you purchase those overpriced Santa Boots (10,000,000 Fol) from Santa, the wandering merchant on the 6th floor of the Cave of Trials. First off, you have to meet him. Santa will appear randomly on Level 6, usually by the statues of the thieves so if he isn't there the first time, try leaving the dungeon and coming back. When you finally meet up with him, he will sell Sage's Stones for 50,000 Fol a piece and buy them back for 65,000 Fol. Buy 20 Sage's Stones and sell them right back to him for a 15,000 Fol profit!! Now, if you have the super specialty command Identify All, you can make a 45,000 Fol profit by buying low and selling high!

Easy way 2 level 250:
Once you are in the cave of trials, And defeated the Level 6 boss and received the funny sword. Leave, save and go back to floor 6. Make sure you have a few of the forged medals. But really all you have to do is stay in the dungeon looking for the stone thieves. They are worth over 30000 exp each and usually attack in 4s.You can get your whole party up to level 250 in about 3 or 4 hours!

Easy Money with Ashton:
You will have to be on the second CD with Ashton in your party for this to work. Ashton will need to have "customize" at a fairly high level and the Orchestra super specialty will help a lot. Go to Central City and buy 20 Scythers. Make 20 Damascus (using alchemy, it'll go a lot faster if you do this while orchestra is playing.) Then have Ashton customize the scyther with the damascus (orchestra), it will make his most powerful weapon, but you don't need 20 of em, sell them for about 1.5 million a piece

Get Battle suit on CD1:
The Battle Suit is an extremely powerful armor (only the Valiant armor is stronger), and you can normally find it very late in the game, in the deepest levels of the Cave of Trials. But with the Pickpockets Skill you can have it very early, on CD1!

When Claude is teleported on his father's spaceship on CD1, he can walk freely on the bridge of the spaceship, until he speaks to his father. use this moment of freedom and pick the pockets of all the crewmen, one of them has this wonderful armor! With it on your shoulders, nothing to fear about monsters until late in CD2 !

Easy Pair of Bunny Shoes:
When you get to Energy Nede and you have the Synard, go to Fun City and go to the Bunny Races section. If you learned the Skill Pickpocket and have a high enough level, steal from the bunny standing next to the entrance to the races and if its successful, you'll get a pair of Bunny Shoes!

Get The Eternal Sphere:
To get the second most powerful sword in the game, the Eternal Sphere, you need to play Claude's scenario. When you get to the Tournament of Arms,make sure you beat all the competitors that faced you except Dias cause you're not supposed to beat him.. After the tournament is over, go to Grandpa Gamgee's shop and talk to him and he will give you the Sharp Edge. This isn't the most powerful sword in the game, but it will soon be. Customize the Sharp Edge with a piece of mithril and it will turn to the Minus Sword. Customize it one more time with a piece of mithril and it will finally turn into the Eternal Sphere, the only sword that rivals the Levantine Sword.

The Ultimate Item:
When you have Master Chef level 8 or higher, use vegetables with egg/dairy products and if the combo of ingredients is correct, you will receive a "Fruit Nectar" which restores 100% HP and MP, or which sells for 109,000 FOL!

Another Easy way 2 level 250:
Once you are in the cave of trials, And defeated the Level 6 boss and received the funny sword. Leave, save and go back to floor 6. Make sure you have a few of the forged medals. But really all you have to do is stay in the dungeon looking for the stone thieves. They are worth over 30000 exp each and usually attack in 4s. I made Claude Rena and Ashton Lv. 250 in a little over 2 hours work.

Favorite Foods:
In Star Ocean everyone has a favorite food. If found, eating this food totally replenishes the MP and HP of the character. In some cases, it can be a lot cheaper than the fruit nectar.

Claude Kenni - Steak
Rena Lanford - Shortcake
Celine Jules - Baby Rabbit Risotto
Ashton Anchors - Hamburger
Dias Flac - Chicken Skewers
Leon D.S. Geeste - Carrot Juice
Noel Chandler - Big Tuna
Ernest Raviede - Hassaku Tea
Bowman Jean - Daikon Miso Soup
Opera Vectra - Apple Cider
Chisato Madison - None
Precis Newman - Chocolate Crepes

The Ring of Happiness:
When you are told to go to the town of Cross for the first time, stop in Alen's house on your way through. Talk to him twice. The second time he should give you the "Ring of Happiness".

Discovering Talents:
When you learn the super specialty skill "Orchestra", and have enough songs and instruments for each character, use this skill and for a short time, you will be able to create items without the necessary talents. (For Example: cooking without the talent "Sense Of Smell".) While the song is playing, you will have the chance to learn a new talent by using your specialty skills. (For Example: While the orchestra song is playing, use the cooking "Machinery" skill to learn the talents Dexterity and Sense of Design.)

Instant romance points:
First, create one of each of the character's special books (ex. Claude's Ocean of Stars) with the publishing skill. Go to the publisher's booth in Lacour (virtual Expel is easier) and sell him one of each book. Exit Lacour and come back a while later. You can now buy as many books as you want. Use these books on characters to raise the romance points that affect endings. WARNING! This can backfire if you use too many, and you'll end up with all single endings.

Get the Battle Suit:
On the last part of Eluria Tower on the first disk, Claude gets teleported to his father's spaceship. While on board, pickpocket one of the operators to get "Battle Suit", which has 500 defense!

Get the Windsley Sword:
To get one of the best weapons for Claude in the game, you must beat the Fun City Duel Tournament Class "A". Note that this is extremely hard. You should be around level 75 or so. The first time you win you'll get Windsley Sword, with attack power 1400.

Easy Love:
To perfectly manipulate your character endings, you must do many hard things. First make everybody's special books. Make whoever you want to pair up read each other's books. Then, make the two members of your party. They must be involved in at least 80 battles together for their love level to around 10.Then they will pair up in the endings.

All The Battle Suit Locations:
Here are the locations of 5 Battle Suits:
1. Pickpocket Ernest in Mars.(Private Action)
2. Pickpocket Ernest in Linga.(Private Action)
3. Pickpocket Soldier in Calnus' Spaceship.(Claude's Game only)
4-5. In treasure Chests on 12 floor in Cave of Trials
*You need the talent "Dexterity" to pickpocket. If you don't have it, use item creation "machinery" until you learn it.

Easy Money with Sages stones:
A very easy way to make money is to get the alchemy skill. Once you get it to about level 9 or 10 and you have a Lezard Flask, you can make sages stones which sell for 60000! Irons only cost 200 so you make a good profit. I had about 40000 fol and bought 20 Irons. Out of that 20, some were turned into Sage Stones and I now have 580000!

Mithril equipment, Sacknoth's helmet & Magical Rasp:
In Nede there is a Snow city called Giveaway and close to it is a place called The Field of Power. In between those places are two islands and if you land on one of them then there is a shop that sells all of the mithril equipment and sells the Sacknoths helmet and Magical Rasp.

FAQs, Guides, and Walkthroughs

Several guides and such can be found Here. These FAQS, guides, and walkthroughs were provided by Gamefaqs.