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Morrowind Cheats

In game just press '~' to bring the console, type 'player->COMMAND' and press 'Enter'. COMMAND can be one of the cheats listed below. There is a lot of commands and I just select most interesting one. (For example 'player->AddItem "Gold_100" 12345' will add 12345 of gold to player.)

TMG - God mode on/off
Help - List of debugging commands (alike TMG) with descriptions
SetFlying 1 - Allow to fly (0 - disables)
SetSuperJump 1 - Allows super jump (0 - disables)
SetWaterWalking 1 - Allows to walk on water (0 - disables)
SetWaterBreathing 1 - Allow to breath under water (0 - disables)
SetLevel - Sets player level to
AddItem "Gold_100" - Adds amount of gold to player
SetFatigue - Sets player maximum (and current) fatigue to
SetMagicka - Sets player maximum (and current) magic to
SetHealth - Sets player maximum (and current) health to

The full list of debugging commands (shown with 'player->Help'):

ToggleScripts-toggle scripts
TestInteriorCells-start interior cell test
TestCells-start exterior cell test
FixMe-Fix Me
TFOW-toggle fog of war
MOTO-move one to one
TWF-toggle wireframe
TWA-toggle water
TVM-toggle vanity mode
TTS-toggle texture string
TST-toggle stats
TSO-toggle script output
TPG-toggle path grid display
TMS-toggle magic stats
TLF-toggle load fade
TKS-toggle kill stats
TGM-toggle god mode
TDT-toggle debug text
TDS-toggle dialog stats
TFH-toggle full help
TCS-toggle combat stats
TCL-toggle collision
TCG-toggle collision grid
TCB-toggle collision boxes
TAI-toggle AI
T3D-test models
SSG-show scene graph
SCT-stop cell test
ORI-output reference info
TW-toggle world
TS-toggle sky
TM-toggle menus
TL-toggle lights
TG-toggle grid
TB-toggle borders
SV-show variables
ST-show targets
SG-show group
SA-show animation
RA-reset actors
PT-purge textures