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              Cyrus' Review Of Grandia by Working Designs


                       Well the way I will do things is I will tell a little about the game first then I will rate the Graphics, Music/Sound, Game Play/Control, Replay Value, and Over All. Grandia: While first released on the Saturn I never got to play it but all the things I heard about it were great witch was never released to America. Thanks to Game Arts for creating this game and for Working Designs who translated it to English for the PlayStation. I didnít get to play it as soon as it came out. The first time I played it was a little bit after FF8 was released with FF8 spectacular graphics it had a crappy storyline and thatís what make Grandia such a great game while not having the best graphics it has one of the best storylines I have ever seen in a RPG. Thank you Game Arts and Working Designs!  (I personally like SO2 better - Toma)

Graphics: (8.5/10) Like I said before not the best graphics but they are still awesome its mostly a 2D based RPG will a little bit of 3D thrown in there every once and a while the character designs are great. I donít have much to say about the graphics except they are good for when it was released.

Music/Sounds: (9.5/10) OMG the Music and Sounds? Well there just great what makes them so unique is that during cut scenes and dialogues the characters are voiced acted. The sounds are also cool things like when in jungles or certain dungeons it almost makes it seem like you in the game that makes it cool. The music is also cool because it fits it good exp: Like the battle music fits the battles perfect. Same with all other parts of the game.

Game Play/Control: (8/10) The game play and control are another good feature of this game. I read a review on this game when I was first starting to play Grandia the guy said that this game was a good game because it actually inspired you to get into fights I didnít believe it because most other games I have played I was always running from battles. But as I got a way into the game I realized how true that was the battle system is just A awesome feature of this game. Its kind of like FF7 how when you fight you have to weight for a meter to go up well itís the same with this game making it more challenging. The walkabout graphics are also good and very good control wise.

Replay Value: Medium: you might want to replay it because of the battles because they were fun actually the hole game was fun but it really doesnít have any extra quest making it worthy of playing it again even know the game is like one of the best ever made. It only has a medium replay value.

Challenge: Medium: The game isnít all the difficult but it does take a while to beat because of how good the storyline is. Challenge Medium.

Overall: (9.5/10) One of the best games ever good graphics, great storyline, great music and a great battle system if you donít already have this game I recommend you go out and get it now!

Review by Cyrus and does not reflect the opinions of all the staff. (Especially Toma) j/k (no, really)