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Various Hints

I have received tons of e-mail regarding the raise your characters to max level cheat, and to answer all your questions, it was submitted by someone else and it is not proven to work. So attempt it at your own risk. Most of these codes aren't tested either, but if you're sure they don't work or they do, email me and I'll post your results. 

Unlimited health:
When you have Regal (healing that continuously marks up HP), use it with that character (Make sure you have All attached to it.) Use a different spell and when he is casting it open the Playstation disc cover. The HP would continue to go up. Close cover when full and game continues as normal.

Increased Item Trick:
Equip a character in your party with a W-Item Command Materia. When your party enters a battle, select the W-Item Command by pressing the Circle when it is his/her turn to fight. Now choose the item you wish to increase by pressing the Circle again. Select the character you want to use the item on by pressing the Circle. When you return to the Item Screen, choose a different item than the one you selected before by pressing the Circle. Press X (to cancel), Circle (to activate), X, Circle, X, Circle. By pressing these buttons continuously, you should see the number of the first item you initially selected increase steadily.

Super Speed Chocobo:
Hold L1, L2, R1, and R2 to get super speed while you race Chocobos.

Lucky 7:
If all of your characters have exactly 7777 hit points when their turn comes up, they will go berserk for one round. However, you cannot control your characters while berserk and once the round if over, they will have have one HP.

Raise characters levels up to maximum (not known to work):
Go to the opening screen. Press L1, R2, Square, and Circle. All your characters levels will be at maximum.

Get unlimited money:
Find the clock in the Northwest corner of Aeris' slum house. Press X in front of the clock and you'll receive a card. Use that card until you have $0. Go back to the clock and press X again to get a card with unlimited money.

Hint: (Not Tested)

Name Areis easy and she does a hooker speech

Be mean to Tifa all the time and be nice to Areis, bring Tifa to the ancient city where Areis is killed and she pushes Areis outta the way and gets killed herself.

Easy Battle Square handicaps:
Rapidly tap Square during the "slot machine" handicap sequence in the Battle Square section at Gold Saucer. The slots will slow down, allowing an easier selection of your handicap. Note: This trick will also work in a similar manner with Cait Sith's limit break.

Get red submarine:
Loose the battle in the underwater reactor after carry armor. After loosing the battle, go back to the underwater reactor and stop at the dog as you enter. Talk to the dog a few times. After a a short battle, the dog will move, and now you have the red submarine. Downside to get the red submarine means you loose the battle and you don't receive the huge blue materia and you cant get the Bahamut Zero summon. Now you cant get the master summon materia. I haven't found a way to get it yet.

Under water Materia:
To get Underwater materia you must go through the glass tunnel leading to the mako reactor in Junon. Run around until you encounter the ghost ship. Battle it for a while, then morph it into a guide book. Take the guidebook to Kalm, talk to the man going on a journey and trade it for underwater materia.

Linked lock Armour:
To require the linked locked armour you find it at Midgar City (disk 2) north of proud Clod and the Northen Crater (disk 3) on the right hand path. You can now store up to 6 links in your armor.

The Ruby Weapon:
Method 1::
Let the ruby weapon kill off your other two party members, and leave only cloud left. Use enhanced sword to improve your materia. Then use the ultimate weapon to finish the job. Make sure your evade and Mevade is up to at least 50 to 60% in order to avoid most of his attack. Use revive attacks to continually affect it. This is one of only a few attacks he cant summon. Never use any Fire attacks, it makes it far too strong, and after 2 shots of it it will regain all lost hp. Revive will work if you have a master level final attack, to give you an extra five revives (Do not attempt this attack if you don't have master final attack. If not, go on to method two). Now, link Revive with final attack, and link MP absorb to master summon. you can now start the battle. Run the airship into his head sticking out of the ground. Then just set up a big guard. Now just defend and attack until he buries his claws. At this point use W-summon, aim at his claws then at his body. Use this eleven our twelve times. Ruby retaliates against Knights of the Round at about this point, so he will start using Ultima. If you get hit, you will cop around seven thousand HP damage (this is why you should have mystill: 60% Evade). You then cast Angelic Whisper while Ruby retracts his claws. It will do another bunch of deadly attacks (comet 2), keep using knights of the round table on him. he will soon run out of MP. He is then yours to kill.

Method 2:
This method is far less complicated, and only requires you to Gold Chocobo. Link mime to master counter and link final attack to revive. Then change knights of the round to Ultima, W-summon to W-magic, and add Quadra Magic (level 2) linked to Ultima (you need 2 Ultima). You'll also need all the other weaponry (armor, weaponry..) You now get in quick and use knights of the round linked with W-summon as soon as possible, letting your other party members mimic your attacks. With high enough HP and MP levels, you will find that you will win. Note: due to the golden chocobo, and number of high level party members you may need to resolve to method 1 to battle the ruby weapon.

Breeding Chocobos:
The only way you can keep a captured chocobo is if you have rented a stable from chocobo Bill at the the chocobo ranch. Go into the house and talk to him. He'll offer you chocobo adjustments at 10 000 gill. Your chocobo/s will appear in the ranch with chocobo billy and you can now breed Uber chocobo's that everyone wants.

The Flower:
The biggest hint you could get in this game is simple, at the beginning of the game, you get offered a flower . You must buy one. Later on in the game (still first disk) you meet up with Tifa before the second reactor. Give her the flower. This will greatly alter the path of the game and Tifa will live.

Hidden Game:
Finish the game 3 times in a row. each time never losing a party member in battle, then go to load game. You'll find the final fantasy 7 logo in the memory card slot will be changed into a ball. Load it and you can play a tennis game similar to pong.

Summoning rage battles:
To summon rage in a battle, defeat the ruby and ultimate weapon without using a potion on Cloud or Vincent during battle with them. When at the crater (4th disk), use Knights of the Round on a morphed beast. It will react with an instant FMV. It will show Cloud becoming summoned by rage. You can now summon rage at any point as much as you like. Note: using rage does not increase your experience points at all.

PC Downloads

Note: These files were provided by Adrenaline Vault, don't worry, I have permission because I work there.

Final Fantasy 7 Character Editor - The best editor for the PC version of FF7 yet. This editor will edit any aspect in your game, from characters to items.

Final Fantasy 7 +47 Trainer - A Trainer that has +47 options to help you win in FF7. It includes unlimited hit points, mana, etc.

Another FF7 Trainer - Here's another FF7 trainer, but with only 2 options. Just an alternative if the trainer above doesn't work.

Final Fantasy 7 Dexdrive - Here's a dexdrive for all you out there with a Dexdrive. Its a save game that has all spells, summons, and Enemy Skills.

Final Fantasy VII Patch - This patch fixes some problems and adds support for nVidia's Riva cards (TNT, Riva 128, TNT2). I'm not sure if it works for TNT2 because I haven't tried yet.